Wednesday, March 4, 2009

16 Children Missing Daily in New Delhi

According to an organization called the Naujawan Bharat Sabha (NBS) about 16 kids are reported missing everyday in India's capital city, New Delhi. Many of them fall victim to human trafficking.

The kidnapping and trafficking of children is so prevalent that NBS has found children who keep sand in their pockets as a means of defense, intending to throw it in the face of anyone who tries to take them. Some are even taken from their homes while their parents are working.

Many of the children are poor, which is a common theme in human trafficking. Many, if not most, trafficking victims around the world are extremely poor. Some are lured away by the promise of a good paying job in another country, only to find - upon their arrival - that they are slaves in a brick kiln, a brothel, or a wealthy person's home. Others are sold by family members who forsake the child's safety in exchange for a few dollars.

Source: Bernama (Malaysian National News Agency

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