Monday, June 1, 2009

500 Miles in Chains

I love running. I know. I'm crazy.... people have already told me that. :) But it's true. There's something about it that fills me with energy... just makes me feel good.

But the thought of running 500 miles does NOT fill me with energy. And running 500 miles in CHAINS? No thank you.

But that's exactly what a man named Eric Proffitt is doing. Beginning August 1st, Eric is running 500 miles across the United Kingdom, and he's doing it with chains on his hands and feet.


Here's his reason, in his own words:
"My intention for this extreme run from London, to Bristol, to Liverpool, to this year's FREEDOM FESTIVAL in Kingston-Upon-Hull is to help rescue victims of trafficking, prevent future exploitation, and to stop the demand for Modern slavery.

This extreme marathon event is about awareness, consumer responsibility, and of course funding!

It is about triggering a tipping point whereby people all over the world become involved in the abolition of modern slavery."

Watch his video on YouTube. Check out his website. Get some friends together to sponsor a day or two of his run. He's doing something big, something radical, to raise awareness and put an end to human trafficking. Let's all commit to doing something small: give some money, forward this blog post to friends, buy his song "500 Miles"... to support him.

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  1. wow! You go man, may God's greatest blessings be with you. Why haven't more people commented on this, this is awesome!