Thursday, August 13, 2009

No More Wheels

A couple of months ago, I was contacted by a university student who is passionate about human trafficking. She's just finishing up an internship in Washington, D.C. so we've only talked via email and phone, but the conversations have been exciting and productive.

I recently met another university student as well who has a similar passion for raising awareness and getting people involved in bringing modern-day slavery to an end.

My conversations with these two young women have been encouraging and inspiring.

Interestingly, our individual conversations have led us to the same conclusion - we need to get everyone working together. We don't need to start another organization; no need to re-invent the wheel - there are lots of excellent "wheels" out there already, doing deliberate, effective work to rescue trafficking victims, prosecute traffickers and raise awareness.

What we feel compelled to do is get as many of these people and organizations as possible into the same room, and get them talking and networking. So, in an attempt to encourage collaboration, we're planning to host an event in October for any and all people/organizations in Southeast Michigan that are involved in the fight against human trafficking! We're very excited and are hopeful that the event will be well-attended.

There aren't any specifics to post, as of yet, but we're planning to nail down a date and location by sometime next week.

If you know of an organization that is - or would like to be - involved in the anti-trafficking movement in Southeast Michigan, leave me a comment that includes contact information.

I'll be sure to regularly post updates on our progress.
Wish us luck!!


  1. Dear Stef, I work for a non-profit organization in Dallas that is trying to promote synergy among Christian ministries. It's called the Hope Center Foundation ( Personally, I can resonate with your passion to fight human trafficking. I really want to explore what it looks like to bring organizations like IJM, Not For Sale, Invisible Children together on the local level. We should bounce ideas off each other. Here is my email: Contact me! Have a blessed day. Best Regards, Jared

  2. Yes! This is so exciting!!!!!!! I wish I could be there! Keep it up :)

  3. Hi, my name is Xander, I am the founder of , that's bike messengers against child slavery. bikemacs is dedicated to ending child slavery by increasing public awareness, lobbying legislators to change and or enforce laws and using our existing infastructure to bring about justice for the children of the world. Our goal is...To establish and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with organizations which share our goals and interests.
    To help create an international grass-roots movement by giving aid and support to similar orginizations world wide.
    To raise capital and awareness thru art, music, community events and sale of "awareness oriented" merchandise.
    To raise our collective voice for the establishment of international laws to protect children from abuse.
    To stand up and fight for the rights of children everywhere. Our plan includes...Collaborate with the S F B M A and other messenger orginizations world wide (i.e. CMWC etc.)
    Recuit other interested parties for collaboration.
    Design a logo for use on letterheads, t-shirts etc.
    Aquire corporate sponsership.
    Raise money from individuals.
    Develope a multi-media presentaion to present to prospective donors.
    Organize and produce events to increase awareness.
    Any advice or information would be greatly appreciated. Peace, Xander