Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Crazy opportunity

Sometimes God opens doors that truly leave me flabbergasted (yes, flabbergasted!).

A few weeks ago, I sent an email to the Ambassador-at-Large who oversees the U.S. government's fight against human trafficking, asking questions about some recent legislative decisions that I didn't agree with.
I sent the same email to the Director of Government Relations at International Justice Mission. I didn't have high expectations about getting a response from either person, only because I know how busy they must be, and my questions aren't going to be a huge priority.

On Monday, I got a thoughtful and rather extensive email from the person at IJM. At the end of the email she suggested I might like to get involved with the Justice Campaigns at IJM, which focus on legislation, etc. I agreed, and later that day received an email from the Director of Justice Campaigns offering to set up meetings with Michigan Senator's offices for me. Me!! Wait... me??!?

That was just two days ago, and since then, here's what's happened:
- I've been invited to an Adovcay Day event on March 30th in Washington, D.C.
- The Director of Justice Campaigns has offered to set up meetings w/the D.C. offices of our Michigan Senators.
- I've also been connected with the people (or person...) who oversee Church mobilization for IJM, who are willing to offer resources and support for me to talk to local congregations and church leadership about IJM.

It's crazy.

The primary purpose of scheduling Senate office meetings is for me to deliver several hundred "Abolition Pledge" postcards to each office. The postcards encourage our Sentors to support anti-trafficking legislative agendas. We currently have 400 postcards that have been signed by Michigan residents. I'm hoping to collect a LOT more between now and my trip to D.C. I'm getting several hundred sent to me, so don't be surprised if, the next time I see you, I ask you sign one. :)

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