Tuesday, January 20, 2009

you know I have to say this

Today we saw a new President take the oath of office. There was (and still is) lots of talk about how far we've come, and how much we've overcome.
And while I don't want to deny or overlook the strides we've taken as a nation, I also cannot deny that - as a global community - we still have far to go.
Yes, we've taken huge steps against slavery. That Obama took the oath of office using Abraham Lincoln's bible was profound and poetic.

But we can't forget that, for many around the world, slavery has not ended, and freedom does not ring. We can't allow our senses to be dulled to the unpleasant reality that the battle rages on in places like India, Cambodia, and Thailand. Freedom for the people of one nation is not enough. In fact, I would argue that freedom has not been achieved until it is enjoyed, defended and celebrated in *every* nation, by *every* people.

We have come far, but we have not come far enough.
Let our progress and our victories be, not reason for lazy complacency, but reason to continue raising our voices and demanding for others the same freedoms which we are celebrating amongst ourselves today.

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