Monday, April 20, 2009

Dear Madame Secretary

During her confirmation hearings in January, Secretary of State Hilary Clinton had this to say about human trafficking:

"As Secretary of State I view these issues (human trafficking) as central to our foreign policy, not as adjunct or auxiliary or in any way lesser from all of the other issues that we have to confront. I too have followed the stories: this is not culture, this is not custom, this is criminal … I’ve also read closely Nick Kristof’s articles over the last many months on the young women he’s both rescued from prostitution and met who have been enslaved, tortured in every way: physically, emotionally, morally and I take very seriously the function of the State Department to lead the U.S. Government through the Office on Human Trafficking to do all that we can to end this modern form of slavery."

As Secretary of State, Mrs. Clinton is in a unique and powerful position to stop these horrific crimes.

Please take a moment to send Secretary Clinton a letter asking her to leverage the political will and resources of the United States to fight and end human trafficking and modern-day slavery.

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