Saturday, April 11, 2009

You can help. Really.

Human trafficking and modern-day slavery are big problems. BIG.
Big enough that most people think there isn't much they can do to help.
But you can help. Really.

At a conference a couple weeks ago, I was reminded that every person who's rescued matters. It can be easy to dwell on the many who are still enslaved (and there are so many), but every life is valuable. Every life counts. And every person who's freed from the dehumanizing abuses of slavery matters.

It's like that story - you've probably heard it - about the little boy who was walking along the beach after hide tide, throwing starfish back into the ocean. A grown-up comes along and tells the little boy that there are just too many starfish... thousands... "you'll never make a difference."
The little boy picks up a starfish and tosses it back into the ocean.
"I made a difference to that one," he says.

We may not ever see all 27 million of today's slaves set free. But we make a difference in the life of every one whom we do help.

If you live in the Detroit, Michigan area - or know people who do - I can offer you a great way to help fight human trafficking and modern-day slavery. It's an event called PUSH, that's happening on Thursday, May 28th. I've mentioned it before. It's an awareness-raising, fund-raising event, with all profits going to benefit International Justice Mission. IJM is remarkably successful at fighting human trafficking and slavery. Their multi-layered approach of rescuing and caring for victims, prosecuting perpetrators and helping build adequate justice systems works. And it works well. They have seen, in a couple of cities, instances of child trafficking reduced by about 70%.

PUSH will feature Detroit-area singer/songwriter Carol Clayton, and her debut CD will be available for purchase. She will be sharing the stage with other Detroit artists - Silent Violet and Wurfel.

Tickets to this event are just $10 in advance. Ten bucks. C'mon... that's the cost of two of your (my) favorite specialty drinks from Starbucks. :) It's the price of a movie ticket.
Here's a page from IJM's website that shows just what our collective gift from this event could accomplish.

So join us on Thursday, May 28th at the Crofoot in Pontica for a night of great music, to support a great cause. Tickets can be purchased online at the Crofoot's website.

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